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Join Dan Steers, Dan James and Kym Hagon from Double Dan Horsemanship as they share their stories…

Double Dan Podcast Episode 11

July 31st, 2020

Join Kym Hagon and Dan Steers as they step back in to the Double Dan timeline circa 2011. 

This is the era of the infamous rogue Amelia, prompting her excommunication from the team and one way ticket out of the country. 


Steers finds himself having words with yet another event organiser and Dan James is MIA at Equitana after a few rums.

Are the DD horses out of control, or are they meant to be behaving like that? That's up for debate - check out "Double Dans Horses Get Out Of Control" on YouTube! 

As Equitana draws to a close the Dan's have rid themselves of that disastrous truck - but now they have to leave the country and can't find the keys to the new truck to get it off the Equitana grounds. Everyone's packed up and gone, but the Double Dan team are stranded. 


Finally in New Zealand it's moments away from Equidays and the Dans are roaming the countryside trying to find horses to use in their show. Time is running out....and they don't have an act without horses! 

Steers spills the beans on a few renowned horsemen getting loose, but also admits being driven home from NZs equestrian party of the year by his mum.


Before the boys wrap up 2011 they'll be on the run from the police across the Nullabor with a stowaway - of course. 


It's another action packed episode and the last part of the story with both Dans together before Dan James leaves for America, and features a comment from Kym Hagon that's just too controversial to print - you'll have to tune in to find out what comes out of this wildcard's mouth!

Double Dan Podcast Episode 10

July 17th, 2020

"Special Comments" joins the OG Dan Steers, for a special episode as the guys host their first interview.

Their guest is Australian Football League star turned horseman and campdrafter Josh Gibson. Josh has played over 200 AFL games, with 3 Premierships under his belt, and he's been awarded Best and Fairest not once, but twice!

What compels someone to leave the glory of the AFL to navigate the humbling world of horses? And is Kym feeling threatened by Dan's new mate?

This is a podcast with a guy who earned his fame on the footy field, but it's an inspiring and motivating tale that illustrates what it takes to be a great student of horsemanship.

Dan and Josh draw some interesting parallels between the lessons we learn on the field and in the field, and Dan begins to share some insights about his experiences as a teacher.

The intro is almost as long as the interview, but Kym's comments are worth it.

There are so many pearls of wisdom on offer as Dan unpacks the behaviours and psychology of someone who aspires to be great, and, most importantly, great with horses.

Double Dan Podcast Episode 9

June 26th, 2020

Guess who's back, back again? You guessed it MC Steers makes his long awaited rapping debut.


Double Dan Podcast Episode 8

June 12th, 2020

We take a break from our usual format and split this episode into two halves.

Craig Steers is welcomed onto the show with his new segment, and the Dans answers your questions from how to make it as a liberty horse trainer to who would win in a arm wrestle? 

Double Dan Podcast Episode 7

June 5th, 2020

It’s 2010 and the Dans are heading back to Australia to dive head first in to a wild few weeks from the east coast to the west to show up at Equitana, dressage champs, their first big production, and a wedding!

Dan James rigs a late entry in to Grand Prix Dressage. How will the boys fair in top hats and joddies? Who hits the dust?

Please the Pony debuts at Equitana 2010 and the Dans release their first training DVD.

The Dans traverse the great Aussie Nullabor Plains, again. They take us behind the scenes of their first Double Dan production and discuss putting a show together at the eleventh hour while the whole crew develops a mystery illness. There are strobe lights, silks, whip cracking sisters and a bunch of wonderful horses.

Dan Steers overshares about his wedding night, and we are introduced to the legendary Daz.

Dan James is MIA again for this episode, but we introduce a replacement. Has Dottie lost his spot?

What would these guys do if they hadn’t got in to horses? The mood takes a turn as Dan Steers delivers a heartfelt motivational talk for our younger listeners. It’s Pia’s birthday, and the Steers family find themselves in the ER.

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Double Dan Podcast Episode 6

May 28th, 2020

Will Dan James ever make it to this week's episode? Dan Steers wants to strike a deal with the listeners to get an incriminating story on the air. The guys have heard your request for more horsemanship, but first they need to get through the epic tales of how this whole thing started, so we dive right back in to 2010 where the Dans find themselves at the World Equestrian Games amongst some of the greatest names in the world of horses. They get invited to a party with Pat Parelli, have an awkward interrogation over lunch, sneak in to a VIP tent, walk out of a Vegas club at dawn, and one of the Dans comes home with a tattoo. There's another encounter with the police for good measure. This is an epic episode, so make yourself comfy and hit play.

Double Dan Podcast Episode 5

May 15th, 2020

If Dan Steer’s had a super power, what would it be? Episode 5 is the time to ponder this existential question. Dan James is back in the saddle in this episode, and we dive in to the most pivotal year in Double Dan history; 2010. In classic Double Dan style we stumble in to drama with the police, terrible fashion, and tall tales from the road as the Dans traverse the rugged terrain of outback Australia.

Dan James gets some compliment for his horse skills, and Dan Steers cops an injury that almost ruins his chances at being part of the main event. Once again, Dan James gets called God’s Gift after accidentally taming a mustang.

This episode has it all, with near death experiences by toothpick, and a couple of ditched burgers. Get comfy - this episode is packed!

Double Dan Podcast Episode 4

May 9th, 2020


This week we stop for a brief intermission in the Double Dan timeline to share the spotlight with our mate and co-host Kym Hagon. Kym has absolutely become a fan favourite, and we discuss his life as a vet and his uni days with the most famous vet of all, Dr Chris "Brownie" Brown.

Double Dan Podcast Episode 3

May 2nd, 2020

Who's more likely to start a fight - Dan, Dan, or ... Elizabeth? In this episode Dan James recounts on of his most memorable shows; the one that brought a full house to tears, and we pay tribute to the ANZACs. The guys reveal the moment the "Double Dans" was coined, which leads them to reflect on their first show with their new image. We meet more of their mentors, but Dan James still ends up in a wheelie bin in his jocks. These are "two knock about blokes with a high level of horsemanship" and they're sharing that with you, here on the Double Dan Podcast.

Double Dan Podcast Episode 2

April 20th, 2020


 It's time for a second crack at this podcast thing. The Dans talk about the horses they have in training right now. Can Dan James ride a motorbike backwards? What's "Family Night"? A man gets cleaned up by some Roman Riding horses and Dan Steers smooths over shows gone AWOL. The young Dans recognise they might have some holes in their training program and stumble across their first real horsemanship mentors.

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