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Double Dan Podcast Episode 14

September 25th, 2020
In this episode of the Double Dan Podcast, Dan Steers sits down with his very first mentor Pete Webber. Dan and Pete traverse Pete's early years, from his station upbringing by the Ord River, to moving out from under the shadow of his dad (another established horseman) and charging $30 for a set of shoes.
Not long in to Pete's career as a professional horseman he took an apprentice under his wing, and that apprentice was none other than Dan Steers. As Pete's story unfolds we get to learn a little more about Dan's departure from an education he wasn't interested in, followed by his introduction to the world of horses.
Dan earns the nickname "Fluffy" and gets an eyebrow ring. Pete wrangles some stray cattle off a country road bareback and bridleless and trains a horse to be successful in four different sports. A few other industry greats get a mention as these two horseman sit down and tell tales of the years gone by.

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