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Double Dan Podcast Episode 10

July 17th, 2020

"Special Comments" joins the OG Dan Steers, for a special episode as the guys host their first interview.

Their guest is Australian Football League star turned horseman and campdrafter Josh Gibson. Josh has played over 200 AFL games, with 3 Premierships under his belt, and he's been awarded Best and Fairest not once, but twice!

What compels someone to leave the glory of the AFL to navigate the humbling world of horses? And is Kym feeling threatened by Dan's new mate?

This is a podcast with a guy who earned his fame on the footy field, but it's an inspiring and motivating tale that illustrates what it takes to be a great student of horsemanship.

Dan and Josh draw some interesting parallels between the lessons we learn on the field and in the field, and Dan begins to share some insights about his experiences as a teacher.

The intro is almost as long as the interview, but Kym's comments are worth it.

There are so many pearls of wisdom on offer as Dan unpacks the behaviours and psychology of someone who aspires to be great, and, most importantly, great with horses.

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