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Join Dan Steers, Dan James and Kym Hagon from Double Dan Horsemanship as they share their stories…

Double Dan Podcast Episode 11

July 31st, 2020

Join Kym Hagon and Dan Steers as they step back in to the Double Dan timeline circa 2011. 

This is the era of the infamous rogue Amelia, prompting her excommunication from the team and one way ticket out of the country. 


Steers finds himself having words with yet another event organiser and Dan James is MIA at Equitana after a few rums.

Are the DD horses out of control, or are they meant to be behaving like that? That's up for debate - check out "Double Dans Horses Get Out Of Control" on YouTube! 

As Equitana draws to a close the Dan's have rid themselves of that disastrous truck - but now they have to leave the country and can't find the keys to the new truck to get it off the Equitana grounds. Everyone's packed up and gone, but the Double Dan team are stranded. 


Finally in New Zealand it's moments away from Equidays and the Dans are roaming the countryside trying to find horses to use in their show. Time is running out....and they don't have an act without horses! 

Steers spills the beans on a few renowned horsemen getting loose, but also admits being driven home from NZs equestrian party of the year by his mum.


Before the boys wrap up 2011 they'll be on the run from the police across the Nullabor with a stowaway - of course. 


It's another action packed episode and the last part of the story with both Dans together before Dan James leaves for America, and features a comment from Kym Hagon that's just too controversial to print - you'll have to tune in to find out what comes out of this wildcard's mouth!

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