Double Dan Podcast

Join Dan Steers, Dan James and Kym Hagon from Double Dan Horsemanship as they share their stories…

Double Dan Podcast Episode 6

May 28th, 2020

Will Dan James ever make it to this week's episode? Dan Steers wants to strike a deal with the listeners to get an incriminating story on the air. The guys have heard your request for more horsemanship, but first they need to get through the epic tales of how this whole thing started, so we dive right back in to 2010 where the Dans find themselves at the World Equestrian Games amongst some of the greatest names in the world of horses. They get invited to a party with Pat Parelli, have an awkward interrogation over lunch, sneak in to a VIP tent, walk out of a Vegas club at dawn, and one of the Dans comes home with a tattoo. There's another encounter with the police for good measure. This is an epic episode, so make yourself comfy and hit play.

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