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Double Dan Podcast Episode 7

June 5th, 2020

It’s 2010 and the Dans are heading back to Australia to dive head first in to a wild few weeks from the east coast to the west to show up at Equitana, dressage champs, their first big production, and a wedding!

Dan James rigs a late entry in to Grand Prix Dressage. How will the boys fair in top hats and joddies? Who hits the dust?

Please the Pony debuts at Equitana 2010 and the Dans release their first training DVD.

The Dans traverse the great Aussie Nullabor Plains, again. They take us behind the scenes of their first Double Dan production and discuss putting a show together at the eleventh hour while the whole crew develops a mystery illness. There are strobe lights, silks, whip cracking sisters and a bunch of wonderful horses.

Dan Steers overshares about his wedding night, and we are introduced to the legendary Daz.

Dan James is MIA again for this episode, but we introduce a replacement. Has Dottie lost his spot?

What would these guys do if they hadn’t got in to horses? The mood takes a turn as Dan Steers delivers a heartfelt motivational talk for our younger listeners. It’s Pia’s birthday, and the Steers family find themselves in the ER.

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